Courier Services

Commercial Courier Services for Ottawa and the Valley

Pallet Delivery

Yes! We ship goods on a standard 48” wide skid and our payload is a respectable 1800lbs, meaning most loads are in our wheelhouse.

With 85” of cargo length and 50” of height there’s plenty of room for all your mixed freight needs.

Local Package Delivery

Shoebox to big box, we can handle it. We pride ourselves on successful movement of goods without damage and we’re really good at it. You know that guy who helped you move and offered to be the one to walk backwards? Yeah, that’s us, and you’re welcome.

Document Delivery

Need a small item sent across town or even across the Province? You can count on us to get it there on time and into the hands of the intended recipient. We entertain all types of delivery requests and have confidentiality set as our default. You, your cargo, and clients are safe with us.

Sensitive & Fragile Goods

Every contract we accept carries a commitment; to treat your cargo with the same care and attention you do, regardless of its contents. Each deliverable is considered fragile and irreplaceable. Your item(s) won’t drown in a sea of packages. We’re small and we like it that way- we think you will too. Learn more