A to B Couriers: Relax, we'll do the driving!


Person wrapping a parcel in paper and string.

Courier Services

We’re a local courier company using modern methods and old fashioned values to ensure exceptional, personalized service.

Your individual package or delivery matters to us. We will treat your cargo with the same care and attention you do, regardless of its contents.

We specialize in commercial courier services, but give the same care and attention to our clients in need of residential deliveries.

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About A to B Couriers

With over two decades behind the wheel and an exemplary track record, we are THE trusted choice for transporting your A to Z from A to B.

And yes, you just said “zee”.

Long Haul Deliveries

Every few weeks we do runs to Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, and Montreal (and points in between).

Experience the same care and exceptional service as for our local runs.